The FunBall program integrates two sets of content crucial for long-term development of children in sports of that age – multisport content. This content includes a set of motor skills from various sports geared towards multiple skill development and volleyball content presented in a child friendly way, adapted to their characteristics and abilities.

Program 6 – 7

This 35 weeks long subprogram is focused on the development of all-around basic movement skills (agility, balance, coordination) and fundamental sport skills (such as running, jumping, twisting, wheeling, kicking, throwing and catching) with an emphasis on proper technique. The subprogram will ensure that all children aged 6 – 7 achieve “physical literacy” and are well-grounded in basic movement skills and patterns, developing in children aged
6 – 7 a love of physical activity and enabling a life-long enjoyment of sporting activities.

Program 8 – 9

This 35 weeks long subprogram introduces volleyball fundamentals – volleyball elements such as the volley (overhead pass), the forearm pass, spiking and serving. This will be done in the most simple and basic way, used primarily as tools to enhance the development of fundamental movements, and as part of a program that encourages exposure to a multitude of different sports. Special focus will be given to the development of exercises that will emphasize physical specifics in children aged 8 – 9.

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