VK Ekonom SPU Nitra

VK Ekonóm SPU Nitra or shortly VK Ekonom SPU, from Nitra, Slovakia. VK Ekonom SPU is men’s volleyball club founded in 1952 and named TJ Slávia SPU Nitra. The club was a part of the Slovak national league until the 1989. In that period, they had the following achievements:

  • in 1985: Academical champion of ČSSR (Czechoslovakia)
  • in 1987: 1st place in I. Slovak national league
  • in 1988: 2nd place in I. Slovak national league
  • in 1989: 1st place in I. Slovak national league

After 1989, men’s team was part of Slovak Agriculture University in Nitra (SAU) and was heavily influenced by economic situation and reorganization. Hard period followed for VK Ekonom SPU where they have not had significant achievements. Recently things were improved and youth teams succeeded in their national competitions and a lot of players were later very successful, not only in Slovakia, but also abroad.

  • men’s junior team – 1st place: season 2007/2008, 1st place: season 2012/2013 and 1st place: season 2013/2014 (Slovak championship)
  • youth’s team: 1st place 2011/12, 3rd place 2009/10 (Slovak Championship)

Nowadays, men’s university team VK Ekonom SPU is proud of the 4th place in Slovak national championship in season 2008/09 and in season 2009/10. They were ranked 3rd in Slovak national cup in season 2008/09 and 2009/10.

The significant change in men’s team came in season 2015/2016: they became the national champions in the highest Slovak volleyball league for the first time in the long club’s history. VK Ekonom SPU is in this season in the finals of Slovak play-off league hoping to be successful in winning the play-off.

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