Zagrebački odbojkaški savez

Zagrebački odbojkaški savez (Zagreb Volleyball Association) or shortly ZOS was founded in 1945. During ‘50s and ‘60s it had more than 50 members and after football, was the most popular sport association in Zagreb. During 1970s large number of volleyball clubs stopped working and at that time ZOS had only 5 members. In the 1990s member numbers start increasing again and today ZOS, within its association, has:

  • 24 sports schools (includes young athletes who are not registered in any volleyball club),
  • 19 active members (volleyball sport clubs) with over 2.000 registered volleyball players and
  • 3 associations in the field of volleyball (associations of judges, coaches and medical professionals in volleyball).

ZOS is organizing competitions at the city and county (local) level as well as Zagreb championship for younger age categories (sports schools, U11, U13, U15, U17 and U19) and Zagreb senior Cup. It also organizes 5 international tournaments for all age groups during the whole the year (Easter tournament U11 in mini volleyball, June Tournament U13 in a beach volleyball, Christmas Tournament U15, U17 Trophy Zagreb and Memorial “Zagreb volleyball legends” U19 and seniors). Several times a year, with Croatian selections, ZOS is traveling to international tournaments.

Competition system for young age players is highly developed and in 2016/17 146 teams were participating in 15 competitive leagues. Every weekend from October to May, in the "Volleyball Center", ZOS is organizing Zagreb Championship for young age categories. ZOS is especially proud of the championship for the youngest where ZOS gathers over 300 young male and female volleyball players. At the end of the year, ZOS is organizing the Zagreb championship for the volleyball sport schools that brings together 10-12 years old children who are not officially registered in any volleyball club. With FUNBALL project ZOS wants to extend volleyball sport schools’ system with FUN for volleyball program that targets 6-9 years’ children.

Besides the young age categories, ZOS members participate in competitions at national and regional level: 4 teams compete in Super League, 1 team in the first national league, five teams in 1B. national league, 4 teams in the second league and 9 teams in the third league.

ZOS currently has two coaches and two technical secretaries. Also, it has 22 volunteers who work in volleyball sport schools.

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