About project

Our project „Building solid and healthy FUNdamentals for volleyball in early age (6-9) group” - new training FUN for volleyBALL program – shortly FUNBALL will address the void of adequate non- specialized program for youngest population (early age (6-9) group) that encompasses volleyball fundamentals in so called “Organized sport sector” in Croatia, Italy, France, Slovenia and the Slovakia. The problem has been identified through research of scientific articles and experience exchange.

The main objective of the project is to encourage children’s participation in sport and physical activity with focus on affirmation of volleyball within as large as possible group of children; to develop fundamental movement and improvement of general motor skills, and to promote and raise children’s awareness of the benefits and importance of daily physical exercise in current, but also for future, healthy and productive life. In order to achieve this objective the project will develop an innovative fundamental training program with basic volleyball elements that will cover the needs of youngest population (early age (6-9) group) (1) and develop and publish OER materials (TtT Handbook and multimedia content catalogue) (2) that will explain new training program, provide guidelines for conducting program and secure sustainability of project results in terms of wide dissemination and usage of project results among volleyball and all other young population’s coaches.

To deliver these the project partners will: conduct a research on sport’s programs (for age 6-9 adequate) that encompass volleyball fundamentals, develop two subprograms (one for age 6-7 group and one for age 8-9 group), develop OER materials (TtT Handbook and multimedia content catalogue), conduct a research on effectiveness of FUNBALL program in age 6-9 on building a solid and healthy sports and volleyball fundamentals and finally organize a Multiplier Sport Events and disseminate FUNBALL project results and intellectual outputs in Croatia, Italy, France, Slovenia and the Slovakia.

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