One step to the goal we set

On Friday, November 29, 2019, a partner meeting was held in Bratislava, ahead of the "grand finale" of the Zagreb Volleyball Association EU project titled "New Training Program: “Building solid and healthy FUNdamentals for volleyball in early age (6-9) group””

Following the adoption of a work program for both age categories at a meeting in Modena (ITA) in June, the intellectual outputs of the project itself began to be developed.

The meeting in Bratislava (SVK) was conducted with the aim of conducting final discussions about the project itself. Agreed revised versions of the program for both age categories were presented. Tadej Ferme presented the first draft of the TtT Handbook and multimedia content catalogue, the Funball project's YouTube channel was introduced, and all partners discussed about small changes to the concept itself. The very end of the meeting was left for the training hosted by Ana Marija Sabljić, in which she presented to the partners how to organize the Multiplier Sport Event.

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