The concept of TtT Handbook was adopted

Meeting in Modena (Italy), that was held on Tuesday, June 18, 2019, was 7th Transnational Meeting of Partners participating in the Zagreb Volleyball Association EU project titled "New Training Program: “Building solid and healthy FUNdamentals for volleyball in early age (6-9) group””. The main topic of the discussion was TtT Handbook.

The suggested draft of TtT Handbook was presented to the partners. The conclusion of the partners is that the final version should go in that direction, visually and with suggested concept of the manual itself.

In the programs for both age groups, the proposed changes were made based on the practical application of the program itself and the opinions of trainers involved in the program.

The partners discussed the promotion of the program in the previous period and gave their proposals for additional forms of dissemination in their countries.

The next meeting will be held in Nitra in October. Also, at the last day of this meeting first Multiplier Sports Event will be organized, so all project coordinators responsible for carrying responsibility of organization of Multiplier Sport Event will be able to see and learn how event should be organized.

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