The practice program for both age categories soon to be finalized

On Friday, February 8, 2019 the 6th Transnational Meeting of Partners participating in the Zagreb Volleyball Association EU project titled "New Training Program: “Building solid and healthy FUNdamentals for volleyball in early age (6-9) group”” was held in Šempeter (Slovenia).

The meeting in December 2018 in Avignon (France), where the coaches presented the first feedback on the practice program for both age groups, was followed up with the meeting in Šempeter (Slovenia) and discussions on the proposed changes to the practice program for both age categories. Tomislav Đurković (Croatia) and Simona Torricelli (Italy), each for their age group respectively, facilitated the practice sessions. In line with the modifications to be incorporated into the final version of the program, the partners agreed that it is essential to determine the exact final outcomes of each phase of the program, according to the motor and cognitive abilities of children in both age groups.

During the meeting the partners also discussed the WP6 part of the project, the aim of which is to examine the performance of the program itself, including the opinion of coaches and children engaged in the project.

The next meeting will be held in June and hosted by project partner Scuola di Pallavolo Anderlini from Modena (Italy).

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