EU Project moves to the sport hall.

The Fourth Transnational Meeting, held in Nitra (SVK), marked the beginning of the III. Phase of the project of the Zagreb Volleyball Association called "New training Program: Building solid and healthy FUNdamentals for volleyball in early age (6-9) group", ie. the implementation of a work program in sport hall with kids after a multi-month study of all partners involved in the project.

Project manager Hrvoje Borovina, together with Tomislav Đurković and Maja Horvatin from Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb, presented to the partners a program for both age groups. The task for the trainers is to send feedback regarding the adaptation of the children to the program and their acceptance of the training concept in relation to the former work models in their clubs.

The next partner meeting will be held in Avignon in early December when the first project evaluation will be made and, based on feedback from the sport field, eventually corrections in the programs.

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