Third meeting was held on with all participants involved in the EU project of the Zagreb Volleyball Federation co-financed by the European Union, under the Erasmus + Sport program entitled "New training Program:" Building solid and healthy FUNdamentals for volleyball in early age (6-9) group "".

Partners had constructive meeting on all subjects regarding Funball project. Project manager Hrvoje Borovina (ZOS) informed participans about project progress and dissemination activities in past six months. Ivana Straža (Haok Mladost) presented pre final version of Research paper (IO1) and after comments and recommendation partners concluded on the final version. Simona Torricelli (Scuola di pallavolo Anderlini) and Tomislav Đurković (Faculty of Kinesiology) presented drafts of the programs and opened an interesting discussion and conclusion that we are on good path to create program that will give answers and fill all the blanks that we find in the research paper (IO1). With start of the new school year program will be conducted with children of both age categories. What is important here is that work on development of programs will not stop then. The programs will be changed and improved on the basis of feedback from the field. 
During the meeting participants had an opportunity to see that Modena is truly city of volleyball. Modena was the host of the VNL so partners had opportunity to watch spectacular volleyball. Special guest of the meeting was Vladimir Janković Faculty of Kinesiology professor in retirement and former coach of Modena who won CEV Champions league 28 years ago with this club. The project includes the Zagrebački Odbojkaški Savez as well as its partners: Kinezioloski Fakultet, HAOK Mladost Zagreb, Odbojka Odbojka Šempeter, Scuola di Pallavolo Anderlini, VKP Bystrina SPU NITRA and Avignon Volley Ball.

Next meeting is scheduled in Nitra Slovakia in September.

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